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Texas Scotch ???

Now we Texans do a lot of things – and do most of them quite well, BUT even Texans can’t make Scotch whisky – as much as we would like to. The “SCOTCH” auto license plate is a custom plate that the Scotch Doc has the legal right to use – at an extra charge of $40.00 a year. It does look kinda’ cute with the red “TEXAS” centered above the blue “SCOTCH,” huh? I must also admit that, as appropriate as it may be, I had nothing to do with the SCOTCH lettering being larger than the TEXAS lettering. Some things just seem to happen appropriately on their own, occasionally.

And now, I want to dispel a rumor that my protaganists issue, from time-to-time.  I DO NOT MAKE MOONSHINE WHISKEY and I certainly do not attempt to make a Texas Scotch Whisky!  It is true that I own, perhaps, one of the largest collection of genuine Moonshine Whiskey Stills anywhere. At last count, there were twenty-seven such antiquities that ranged from one gallon to fifty gallons in size - and all of them are different. If you read the "Scotch Doc in Retrospect" copy you know that I probably know a wee bit about that gosh-awful stuff but some of the rumors that have floated around just ain't so. For instance I flat out deny that:

I have NEVER "messed around" with pouring Liquid Smoke, Olorosa Sherry, Extract of Fruit Cake, burnt grass ashes, Oak Sap, Bluebonnet or Yellow Rose of Texas Flower Juice into a batch of "McCoy's Moonshine" in an attempt to reproduce The Macallan or an Islay Single Malt Scotch.

Hell, it just didn't work out - and that's a fact. Now I once had a couple of uncles and a cousin who would have tried it if they thought it would have worked. But they are no longer with me in this world below. (I sure hope them' angels are 'a-sharin' their "angel's share" with them' boys). Slainte, y’all.

The Scotch Doc

P. S. I will photograph my collection of Moonshine Stills and have them on this website in the next few weeks.

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