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"The Pace Picante (Git a rope) Man"

The Scotch Doc never knows who will show up at his world renowned "McCoy's Mecca of Malts." Containing over three hundred different Scotch single malts, McCoy's personal bar has come to be known as "McCoy's Mecca of Malts" by international Scotch aficionados who have been "blessed" with the experience.

A recent visitor to "McCoy's Mecca of Malts" was Burton Gilliam - perhaps better known as "The Pace Picante Sauce, 'Git a rope,' Man." Well, you can imagine the potential for fireworks when two such dedicated "tradesmen" compare their favorite "sauces."

Photos from high noon (select a photo to see a larger view)

Burton Gilliam and the Scotch Doc in full regaliaBurton and The Scotch Doc in full regalia leaning on "McCoy's Mecca of Malts" bar.

Burton Gilliam looks at Scotch single malts with gleeThe glee, enchantment and fascination, something akin to a "kid on Christmas morn," is apparent on the face of Burton as he shares their company. He insists that his jar of Pace Picante Sauce belongs in the company of the Scotch single malts.

Burton Gilliam tries to dip a chip in the Scotch single maltIt doesn't surprise The Scotch Doc that Burton considers "dipping a chip" in the Scotch single malt.

Burton Gilliam proposes a toastBurton proposed a toast to "McCoy's Mecca of Malts." The Scotch Doc maintains his gracious host role but prepares for the worst and unforgivable.

Tthe Scotch Doc gets his ropeThe Scotch Doc's worst fears come to be. He gits' HIS rope and with hangman's noose at the ready, he informs his guest that to add anything, other than a bit of water to the Scotch single malt, is a sin. To add his Pace Picante Sauce to one of the Scotch Doc's single malts would be a fatal mistake.

Burton Gilliam and the Scotch Doc shake hands"All's well, that ends well" -- and "to each his own."

Side note: Burton Gilliam has a long and and distinguished acting career. You've might have seen him in such films as "Honeymoon in Vegas", or "Blazing Saddles", or even the "Chevy Chase" movie Fletch to name a few. But did you also know is an active professional boxing referee and judge? Not to mention, he's also the "Pace Picante 'Git a Rope' Man."

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