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Exclusive Scotch Doc Tasting Glasses

Tasting Glass There is nothing dainty about the Scotch Doc Taster. It IS NOT a politically correct, walking around, glass-in-hand, socializing, whisky drankin mug.

This fifteen-ounce vessel is designed to present the full unique character nuances and subtleties of the Scotch Single Malt Whisky when analysis and maximum appreciation of the spirit is the gastronomical objective.

Each glass is hand-blown thus giving each glass an individuality of its own. I believe this is more appropriate to the ancient and simple single malt heritage and character than the computer designed, machine made, optically pure glassware.

Features of The Scotch Doc TasterTasting Glass

• The wide mouth of the glass accommodates the desired proximity between the nose and Scotch single malt. The nose is actually inside the upper lip of the glass when the whisky contacts the mouth for maximum gastronomical experience.

• A slight inward curve of the walls to the top of the glass ensures a minimum amount of aromatics escape around the nose during tasting. The low center-of-gravity and heavy bottom makes accidental overturn of the glass difficult.

• The inside glass depth is close to the spirit to allow variable and adequate exposure of the spirit to the nose.

• The thick, flat top of the glass lip accommodates a large glass-to-mouth surface to facilitate a near drip-proof disconnect between the mouth and glass at the conclusion of the sip.

• The wide, gently sloped dimple in the bottom of the glass facilitates non-splash swirling of the spirit to increase the exposure of the spirit aromas to the nose.

To order glasses please fill out the order form and mail with payment by personal check, Cashier's Check or Money Order to:

Dr. David McCoy
137 East Old Forest Lane
Pearcy, AR 71964

Please note: The Credit Card Order Option is no longer available due to excessive credit card company price increases that I am unwilling to pass on to my clients. There is no increase in charges for the Scotch Doc Tasters that include shipment by Priority Mail.
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